Case Study: GrwthX

In December 2023, Context Marketing Consultancy started working with GrwthX, to assist them in taking their challenger business to market. When we started working with GrwthX, they had an idea of what and how they wanted the business to operate but taking it to market was a different story. They asked us for help in understanding customers, their offering and how to position the offering to help them best approach the business and marketing strategy for the business. 


GrwthX are a challenger brand in the video creations space. They combine the expertise of marketing strategy, video creation, paid promotion and marketing effectiveness into one end to end business plan. Stripping away the complexity of including multiple content streams, GrwthX exists to utilise video to create a connection between brand and customers, offering the brands to not just to be seen, but to be understood and remembered. 

In an era where PPC, SEO, and targeted advertising are losing their allure due to scaling costs, oversaturation and shifting audience preferences, GrwthX identifies and addresses the pressing need for more engaging, authentic content.  

Genuine resonance with audiences can only be achieved through compelling storytelling and visual narratives that connect on a human level, and recent studies show that video is fast becoming the most important creative medium for both businesses and audiences. 

GrwthX combines strategy, creation, promotion and effectiveness into one agency, keeping a laser focus on driving ROI from both asset creation to marketing promotion. 

The Objective

We were presented with clear objectives to achieve:   

  • Creating a strategic plan for taking GrwthX to market, aligning business strategy and marketing goals. 
  • Deliver a content strategy with defined content pillars that can be executed by the marketing team. 
  • Define GrwthX customers, who they are, what they look like and what messaging will resonate.  
  • Identify opportunities for GrwthX in the video market and identify SMART objectives for measuring opportunities. 

Our Approach

To fully assist Grwthx in achieving their objectives we wanted to understand where they were and where they needed to get to, to help the business grow. Here’s what we did… 

Business and Marketing Alignment Workshop – We ran a half day workshop for the GrwthX team to uncover their business objectives and establish how their marketing must work to assist these objectives.  

Key Findings: 

  • There were no defined business or marketing goals that could be used as a benchmark to measure growth and ‘what good looks like.’  
  • The operating model and processes needed to be fleshed out.

Marketing Strategy – We undertook a situational analysis for Grwthx, a SWOT analysis, competitor analysis and market opportunities to define a strategic approach for reaching the right customers for GrwthX to deliver their services to, this strategic approach was aligned to the business objectives that were agreed in the earlier workshop. 

Key Findings 

  • Another company with the exact name exists ( and would have had an impact on brand search. 
  • The website was a strong foundation but needed new content to reflect the new products, services and processes GrwthX is putting in place. 
  • Poor social media presence – needed both brand and leadership to be engaging and growing their networks. 
  • Needed a clearer audience proposition to start getting the business driving revenue. 

Content Strategy – Using the competitor analysis results and identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we worked on the strategic direction for the content to help deliver the marketing objectives.  

Key Findings 

  • The only visible social media channels set up were LinkedIn and TikTok – both were not reflective of the brand.  
  • None of the social channels had any presence or consistency and didn’t come up in any generic searches. 
  • With the promotion of Video Marketing, TikTok and YouTube were key, and where the GrwthX customers would be looking for a video supplier. 
  • The founder already had a strong follower and connection list on LinkedIn but wasn’t posting on a regular basis.  

The Outcome

The work we did with GrwthX highlighted several areas for review before going to market; including the business operating model and processes, as well as additional opportunities for growth areas. GrwthX now have a full strategic operating model for their business, a marketing strategy and a content strategy which they have begun to implement when starting to reach out to customers. GrwthX, as a brand, now has a new name to ensure it can compete in the digital space.  

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