Case Study: Meon Transformations

In April 2024, Context Marketing Consultancy started working with Meon Transformations, to assist their leadership team in developing an operating model for their newly formed learning and development business. This was the start of Meon Transformations building a product and service offering for businesses looking to elevate individuals and teams. 

Meon Transformations

Meon Transformations is part of Meon Springs, a leading venue for glamping and fly fishing, as well as operating as a profitable dairy and arable farm. Meon Springs, based in the South Downs, Hampshire, decided to introduce a corporate learning and development arm to the business – to provide corporates with an alternative learning experience – this is where Meon Transformations comes in. The leadership team wanted help running through their products, event management process and their current platforms so they could get clarity on the more effective way of moving forwards. 

The Objectives

We were presented with clear objectives to achieve, surrounding people, process and technology.   

  • How their current platforms could improve internal efficiencies and communication to customers. 
  • How their products and services could translate to go-to-market solutions. 
  • Help with defining an event management process. 
  • Supply technology recommendations for how they could move forwards to enable them to grow.  

Our Approach

To fully assist Meon Transformations in achieving their objectives we wanted to understand their current setup and what was available to them, to do this, we carried out a workshop to get to get the full picture. Here’s what we did… 

The Workshop was for the leadership and events team at Meon Springs, split into three sections. 

Section 1: The Products – we went through what they were, who they were for and the best way of marketing them to the right audiences. The products were further built out and developed based on the opportunity for audiences to resonate with a clear and concise offering.  

We discussed the barriers to entry for the suggested customer groups and how the customer profiles could be further fleshed out once the products are finalised. 

Section 2: The Events Process – the workshop’s second stage looked in detail at how the current events process works from the customer’s perspective and an internal communication and efficiencies perspective. This part of the workshop started to iron out where there were process gaps that needed to be resolved before an additional arm of the business was introduced to the employees who would be required to manage the customer process. This section identified the work that needed to be done to the customer process to look at retention and new acquisition.  

Section 3: The Platforms – we looked in detail at the current customer facing platforms that are in place at Meon Transformations and discussed CRM possibilities that could align to the processes in section two.  

Key Findings: 

  • It was established that the team building sessions would be developed into a taster day to test messaging, event format and running processes.  
  • The vision of Meon Transformation needed to be developed and finalised to ensure objectives could align to the business growth ambitions.  
  • The events processes and internal ways of communicating needed further development before a best-fit technology solution could be put in place.

The Outcome

The workshop identified several areas for the Meon Transformations leadership team to investigate. As a result of the workshop several key areas have been redeveloped, the team are now taking a test and learn approach to their products, as well as building a new Meon Springs website which includes the Meon Transformation offering to maximize digital opportunities.  

Ongoing work ahead of the launch of the taster days includes further work into the processes that define the running of the events and how this can translate onto technology platforms. 

The team are also finalising what 2024 and 2025 look like in terms of the delivery of the products and services that they want to take to market as part of Meon Transformations. 

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