Case Study: Meristem Design

In December 2023, Context Marketing Consultancy started working with Meristem Design, to assist their marketing team in furthering their understanding of their customers and potential customers. This was the start of Meristem Design taking a renewed approach to their marketing efforts in a bid to drive increased brand awareness and customer acquisition. 

Meristem Design

Meristem Design is an award-winning design company who create bespoke green solutions for business, public and residential areas. Meristem are a relatively new company with big growth ambitions, to become an environmentally sustainable force in green infrastructure. They deliver high-quality projects that focus on providing the benefits of plants to a space and the people who inhabit it in an environmentally conscious and professional manner.  

They are part of a movement to make cities healthier, happier and greener places to live and hope to become part of a broader societal trend towards embracing plants to live a more fulfilled life. 

When we first started working with Meristem, they were looking to trial a test and learn PPC campaign approach for increase customer acquisition. The brief was as follows: 

  • To support and provide guidance to the marketing team for testing PPC as a new acquisition channel.  

The Objectives

The objectives that Meristem Design wanted to achieve are as follows:   

  • To deliver a 3–4-month PPC Campaign to understand how best to approach channel marketing in the future. 
  • A product-based test and learn approach to PPC, to help further their learnings about their potential customers and key messaging types.  
  • Help with setting up tracking in their Google suite.  

Our Approach

To fully help Meristem achieve their objectives, we wanted to spend some time understanding their products and services and where there were keyword opportunities around them. We spent some time with the marketing team establishing where they wanted to focus their efforts and what current data, they had that could help with the PPC campaigns.  

Once we had established the product campaign for Meristem to focus their efforts, we conducted further keyword and digital opportunity analysis before setting the PPC campaigns live. To help Meristem accurately track the performance of their PPC campaigns, we helped with the website and Google Analytics tracking, this was for all online forms as well as on the website phone number so we could establish the best performing campaigns and how to optimise these.  

The ongoing monthly PPC campaign management was put in place to help optimise the campaigns on a regular basis and to ensure the best use of the marketing budget and to make sure it was put in the areas it was providing the most value. PPC campaign reports were supplied to Meristem monthly, and these were delivered at the monthly team meetings. The results of the reports helped inform us of the activity that should take place during the following month.  

The Outcome

This is an ongoing project, which has been extended from the initial 3-4-month brief. The PPC campaigns are providing an increase in the data that is available to Meristem and helping with additional context and messaging positioning of their products. The initial PPC product campaigns that were launched in January have now been changed to focus on brand, which is delivering more impact in terms of website traffic and customer conversions.  

The results for the brand campaign are below: 

  • 206% increase in web traffic in the first month.  
  • The increase in web traffic has led to 3 conversions.  
  • 100k impressions with page views increasing by 33%. 
  • CPC for brand terms is £0.21.  
  • Overall brand sentiment has increased, giving us further traction on keywords that weren’t there before. 

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