Case Study: Sigwatch

In May 2024, Context Marketing Consultancy started working with Sigwatch, to assist their marketing team in furthering their understanding of their customer journeys and the customer data they hold. This was the start of Sigwatch taking a renewed approach to their marketing efforts in a bid to drive increased brand awareness in the NGO space. 


Sigwatch helps their NGO clients predict risk and seize opportunities utlising data and insights. They are the world’s only source of comprehensive global activism data and insight and work across multiple disciplines, covering sustainability, animal rights, corporate social responsibilities and civil liberties. They are currently on a growth trajectory and needed assistance with assessing their current platforms to help them get there. 

The Objectives

We were presented with clear objectives to achieve:   

  • An understanding of why customers weren’t converting on their website and where they were falling out of their journeys.  
  • Recommendations on how to improve their Google suite.  
  • Assistance in understanding what their marketing data was telling them about their customers.  

Our Approach

To fully assist Sigwatch in achieving their objectives we wanted to understand their current setup and what was available to them, to do this, we carried out a Google suite audit and a customer experience audit. Here’s what we did… 

The Google Suite Audit – This involved taking a deep dive, and looking at; Google Analytics, Google my Business, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Site Speed Insights.  

Key Findings: 

  • There was no Google Tag Manager account in place  
  • There were 6 Google Analytics accounts  
  • The Google Analytics account had no custom event tracking conversions and key data points 
  • The mobile page speed performance scored 22/100 
  • Only 71 web pages out of a possible 299 pages are being indexed 

The Customer Experience Audit – This is an audit used to discover all the possible avenues that Sigwatch’s customers can find them – their digital channels, as well as, how easy it is for them to convert and what they receive when they do. 

Key Findings 

  • Conversion messaging was inconsistent with the call to action ask 
  • Contact forms didn’t render properly and take a long time to load on page making it difficult for customers to convert 
  • Lack of customer expectation setting when they convert through a form  
  • Route to the website through social media posts and blogs didn’t continue the customer journey through the site 
  • The ‘Try Sigwatch’ webpage gives no additional context for users who don’t know what Sigwatch do  

The Outcome

The findings for both the Google suite audit and the customer experience audit were written up into documentation with highlighted action points and recommendations for how to improve them. The documentation was presented back to Sigwatch as part of a Q&A feedback session. Sigwatch have now begun to implement the recommended changes through their digital channels to start improving their customers’ online experience as well as being able to access more marketing data. 

Sigwatch Feedback

Our contact at Sigwatch was editorial and marketing manager, Arpita Raj, who said, 

‘Overall, a great experience. I felt heard and felt that CMC really understood the business needs and tried to help solve the issues in an easy-to-digest way. I liked the accessibility of the advice and analysis. We’re still attempting to implement the inputs so can comment on how this helped align goals in the future.’ 

We asked Arpita to score the following areas from 1-5. 

  • Overall experience with our marketing consultancy services. 
  • The clarity and responsiveness of our team’s communication throughout the consultancy process. 
  • To what extent did the recommendations we provided help the business achieve their goals.  

We scored 5/5 for the overall experience and our clarity and responsiveness. 

We scored 4/5 for how much our recommendations helped the business achieve their goals, the implementation of our recommendations is still ongoing. 

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