Context Marketing Consultancy and Nice Group (SW) announce partnership

Context Marketing Consultancy and Nice Group (SW) announce partnership bringing together expertise across Dorset, Devon and Hampshire to deliver customer excellence in e-commerce.

Marketing and customer experience specialists, Context Marketing Consultancy today announce their partnership with e-commerce and experience technology experts, Nice Group (SW) – the partnership will exist to offer a blend of strategy, data and technology to enhance marketing & customer experience for their clients. The partnership will operate across all areas of digital retail, experience and engagement for clients in diverse sectors across the UK and their international markets. 

In a strategic move set to revolutionise the digital landscape, this collaboration aims to redefine the standards of marketing and customer engagement in the e-commerce and digital retail space. The partnership between Context Marketing Consultancy and Nice Group joins expertise, creativity, and technological prowess. By combining Context Marketing Consultancy’s deep understanding of market trends, strategy and customer behaviour, with Nice Group’s technical mastery in e-commerce and digital retail solutions, the alliance promises to deliver unparalleled value to businesses and brands. 

Vicki, Director at Co-founded Context Marketing Consultancy, says “this is an exciting opportunity for the partnership, we are committed to delivering customer excellence for our clients, and helping to shape the way e-commerce companies deliver value to their customers.” 

Matt, Managing Director at Nice Group (SW) states “this partnership is really exciting, it complements our services and products to offer clients a more considered and information driven decision making process in the selection and execution of technology. Our aim is that we build relationships that ensure our clients goals are achieved, their money spent wisely and benefits realised in a very busy and noisy online retail landscape.” 

Notes to the editor 

Context Marketing Consultancy is a specialist marketing and transformation consultancy based in Dorset and Hampshire, the business launched in 2020 and exists to help their clients deliver effective marketing through customer-centric delivery. 

For more information on Context Marketing Consultancy please contact Vicki Robb on or 07715 929287 

Nice Group (SW) is an e-commerce technology provider based in Devon; they focus on providing bespoke technology solutions for e-commerce clients. 

For more information on Nice Group (SW) Ltd. please contact Matthew Hill on 0208 066 1000 

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