Museums Online: Connecting visitors with Orkney's History

In January 2023, Context Marketing Consultancy were proud to be chosen as the partner to create a new customer-centric digital experience for Orkney Museums, a group of incredible historic locations telling the unique history of Orkney.

Orkney Islands Council

As part of Orkney Islands Council, Orkney Museums care for five visitor attractions within the County. These include; Scapa Flow Museum, St. Magnus Cathedral, Corrigall Farm Museum, Kirbuster Farm Museum and Orkney Museum. The Archaeology Collection has been recognised for its national significance through the Scottish Government’s National Recognition Scheme. 

The Objective

We were presented with clear objective to achieve:  

  1. Create a fun, practical and user-friendly customer facing website 
  2. Creating a space for engagement and interaction 
  3. Understanding donors and increase donations 
  4. Driving growth through learning 

We discovered that as part of Orkney Islands Council, information around the museums were housed in two areas – firstly, on the main council website and secondly, on third party website The museums online presence was disjointed and provided clear problems for users. This presented several clear issues: 

  • A lack of functionality available to the teams in building  
  • Poor brand identity 
  • Difficulty in raising donations or promoting events directly 
  • A broken visitor experience 
  • Lack of data and customer understanding 

The solution & our approach to improve the museums online presence

For us, this was more than putting a website in place – with the workshops we ran with the Orkney team, a clear need for a partnership in understanding what digital transformation plans were needed to optimise the customer experience, drive more awareness of the museums online and to provide a better infrastructure for the resource poor internal team to be able to utilise. 

This involved more than creating and delivering a UX friendly and SEO optimised website. In addition, we reviewed and implemented new Google Analytics 4 with improved tracking code and clear goals, as well as implementing Hubspot as their primary source of visitor data. 

Alongside training the teams on the platform and creating detailed video guides, we ensured that a complete digital transformation plan was in place for the team to grow through new offers, retail and any other future digital and marketing plans they developed. 

The Results

  • Within the first 3 months of going live, the Orkney Museums website is at the top of organic google searches
  • A database of over 3,500 – the first time the organisation has successfully collected interested visitor information 
  • 150% increase in Month on Month traffic 

Our Ongoing Work to get the Museums Online

Our ongoing working relationship with Orkney Museums has, this year, seen their archives and collections move to a customer facing platform. We worked with the Orkney team to understand internal problems that existed with their current platform, running workshops to establish better ways of working and also project managed the introduction of a new platform to accommodate their new ways of working. As a result, Orkney Museums now have a platform that works for their customers as well as improving internal efficiencies.

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