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What is Context Marketing?

Context Marketing is about delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

What do we mean by that?  Humans don’t rely on their memory any more – if we want information, we just reach for our devices, which can offer up more information than our brains ever could, therefore developing a greater sense of ‘market research’.

When that device is picked up, there is now an expectation that whatever we are looking for, whether it is an answer, a product or an escape from reality, it will be there with minimal effort. As marketers, and businesses, we need to get smarter at meeting those expectations.

Context marketing is about reaching your audiences in those specific moments, understanding what they are looking for, and why!, and delivering them the right information to engage with. 

Context vs Content

You hear so often that ‘Content is King’, and it is undeniable that content marketing is powerful for organisations of all sizes.  However, without context, content doesn’t quite make sense. Your content needs to delivered to the right people at the right time…and most importantly, to add value to someone.

Context gives that value.
Why Context marketing so Important?

Every day, your audience are bombarded with messages. Many of these get ignored. Why? Because they are not engaging, timely or relevant.

If your audience isn’t engaging with you, then you are in danger of being forgotten. This results in a cycle of always looking for new leads and customers, instead of maximising the value of the customers you already have.

Context Marketing is driven by clear SMART goals. This achieves an increase in conversion rates, better quality lead generation, increased customer retention and increased engagement. Meaning more profit in your pocket. And a joyful experience for your customers, every time they interact with your brand.

How can you apply Context Marketing?

Context Marketing is all about understanding your audience. Treating your interactions with them like a two way conversation.

And co-creating experiences with them, consistently. Knowing your data, knowing your customers and testing communication messaging and conversions is the key to your success.

And this is not a quick win or easy task, and often requires a full marketing transformation…but it is worth the time. Because the more you put your customers at the heart of what you do, the more you will build their trust and loyalty.

How do you deliver Context Marketing?

Context marketing is delivered across:

  • Strategy – Knowing your marketing strategy – how the campaigns you are building will engage with your customers and drive the strategic growth of your business – should be the foundation you are building upon
  • People – your marketing team should be seen as your companies strongest asset. Getting the right people in the right roles is key.
  • Processes– from the way your teams work together, to processing data and delivering a campaigns, the processes you put in place internally will be felt by your external customers 
  • Data – using data to understand who your customers are, what they like about you, where they are engaging with you.
  • Platforms – Ensuring that you have the right platforms in place to empower the people, the processes, the data and the strategy, making sure that they all talk to each other and work in unison together
How we can add value for you​

We can guide you on all of the above – from getting your systems and platforms in a good place to understanding how to make your marketing more effective.

Context Marketing to us is more than simply the message you are putting out there. It is about enabling with a deeper understanding to drive growth through putting customers first.

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