What is Customer Centric Marketing?

Customer Centric marketing is having a deep understanding of your customers wants and needs and delivering them value at every interaction. 

Being ‘customer centric’ feels a bit like marketing conference buzzword bingo, and it is incredibly important to break it down and think what it actually means to deliver customer centric marketing in the real world. 

Hopefully we can help. 

What do you have to do to DELIVER Customer Centric MARKETING?

Essentially, to be customer centric the whole organisation needs to recognise the importance of your customers, how you categorise them and how you can deliver a product, service or purpose to them on their terms. Sounds easy, right? 

Marketing plays such an important part in this – marketers need to guide their organisations to take their customers seriously, building trust and having two way conversations with them to get a greater idea about their perspective of you, your brand and the way you are interacting with them. 

Why your customer's matter

Without customers, no business or organisation would survive. Whether you are selling a product, a charity selling a purpose or a business selling a service, understanding your customer needs to be at the heart of everything you do. 

A customer can give you positive and negative feedback which you can use to attract new customers, and fix whatever it is that they are NOT liking. This may mean difficult internal conversations internally around the trajectory of the business, however adapting how you operate after listening to what your customers have to say will build trust that is priceless. 


Know your data

Regardless of what type of marketer you are and how invested you and your organisation is with your data, in order to be truly customer centric, you’ve got to know the data set up, what you are collecting, why you are collecting it and how you are going to be using it. And we aren’t just talking sales data, we are talking data across multiple platforms and piecing it together. 

And if you don’t have a marketing analyst within your team, or an agency supporting you, then we would suggest that this is a key area to invest in.

Know the trends

Again, this isn’t just sales trends, this is trends across all your platforms.

And it’s not just about recognising peaks and troughs of traffic or purchases, it’s understanding the factors as to why it is happening. 

Know your engagement

Monitoring your customers behaviour before they ‘purchase’ is just as important as when they have ‘bought’ from you.

For example, how often someone is interacting with your Instagram account, although they never buy from you, is just as important to know about.

Get better at reading the engagement signs, because these metrics count. 

How to start addressing in your organisation

There isn’t a one size fits all solution, as every organisation’s set up is different. However, breaking down channel and stage silos will be key to becoming more effective as a team.

Your email strategy is just as important as what you post on social media, and the golden thread through it all is using data from one part to inform other parts.

So, start asking questions and, where possible, be brave and ask your customers what they really think. 

When should your organisation evaluate customers in marketing campaigns?

The question really should be, when shouldn’t you be evaluating your customers an the answer is never! Continual analysis from launch across every channel – including within your database – will mean higher revenue, higher conversions and higher trust.  

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The key to any marketing campaign is to discover your current performance, looking at every touchpoint and evaluating gaps and opportunities, and understanding what your current customers think of you and your brand.  

This can be difficult to do objectively internally, and we find that while marketers often want to do this, many don’t have the time. Having us to do this for you can help shape future campaigns, drive better ROI and experience, and partner with marketing strategists who can help drive your organisation forward with you. 

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