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What we do

An external marketing consultant can provides expert advice, guidance, and strategic support to businesses and organisations, both with and without marketing teams in place. They can be employed on a project basis to support companies in improving their marketing efforts, increasing customer satisfaction, and achieving their marketing goals.

Marketing consultants have specialised knowledge and experience in various marketing disciplines, and Context Marketing Consultancy can support companies with customer journey mappingmarketing effectivenessmarketing transformationcustomer retention and aligning business strategy with marketing goals, along with many of your additional needs. 

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Our Services

We dive into what marketing you are currently doing and how it is landing. From examining all of your social media channels, Search presence, website and post conversion experience, we map it all together to identify where gaps and opportunities are for you and your organisation.

We like to think of it as a Marketing Mystery Shop – experiencing your marketing touchpoints from the perspective of your customers.

Marketing transformation is 

Who we work with

Our consultants have worked in a variety of industries, including education, property, charity and heritage.

And we find that, whilst some industry specific knowledge can be helpful, looking at your business through the eyes of your customer, not knowing much about the industry can actually be helpful!

We can help all organisations look objectively at their marketing, the customer journey and the marketing technology in place.

Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Context Marketing

Context Marketing is the umbrella terms for being customer centric. It pulls together all other marketing activities, both internal and external, to ensure that you are marketing to the right people, at the right time and in the right place, whenever they want to find you. 

Context Marketing and Contextual Marketing are related to each other, however are two distinct concepts within marketing. While they share some similarities, they refer to different strategies and approaches.

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Being customer-centric means placing the customer at the centre of your business strategy and marketing to them in the way that they want to hear from you.

It involves a deep understanding of customer needs, preferences, and behaviours and using this knowledge to design products, services, and experiences that cater to those needs.

Marketing effectiveness is the measure of how successful a go-to market strategy is at meeting its intended goals. You can apply marketing strategies all day, but if they aren’t effective, those efforts don’t matter in the long-term.

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The How of Marketing

To make your marketing more customer-centric, start by thoroughly understanding your audience, then personalise your content, actively listen to customer feedback, and map their journey for better engagement.

Build trust through transparency and prioritise quality over quantity. Foster a customer-centric culture among your team internally, measure satisfaction, and continuously refine your approach.

Focus on building long-term relationships and differentiating your brand through superior customer experiences. These steps will help you create marketing strategies that put your customers at the heart of your efforts, driving loyalty and growth. Need more help? Get in touch and we can help you.

To achieve better results in your marketing efforts, consider a holistic approach by reviewing every channel.

Optimise your website, personalise content, review engagement across social media channels, and ensuring you refine your target audience through  research to better understand their needs and preferences are great starting points.

Data is your friend – make sure you leverage analytics to measure performance and make data-driven decisions, continuously testing and adapting your strategies.

Ultimately, consistency, adaptability, testing and learning, and a customer-centric mindset are key to improving your marketing outcomes.

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Get in touch below and we can have an informal chat to understand what your needs are, listen to the pain points and to understand your vision.

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