How to Approach Planning Your Marketing

Whether you have planned hundreds of campaigns or are new to marketing, the prospect of running an effective marketing campaign or strategy can be daunting. There a lots of models out there that can help you build your campaign out, however before you even start, what should you have a clear idea about?

Our team have put together a good starting point for you and, as always, let us know if we can support you or your organisation in the future.

Where to start is the hardest part of all – our best advice is to know what you have to work with and to know why you are pulling a strategy or campaign together. So what to look at first?

Where to start with your marketing planning

The Answers

Answer 1 - Customers

Any business or organisation operating now should always be talking to their customers. Don’t worry if you don’t have the data to hand – your customers will always be willing to give you feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask what they like, don’t like and want from you in the future. That will form the foundation for everything moving forward.

Answer 2 - Data

No-one wants to spend money that isn’t going to get a good return, so learn about what has and hasn’t generated leads, sales, donations or whatever conversions you are looking for, across previous marketing activity. Be honest about what you find and don’t be afraid to use different channels, messaging, audiences and objectives if they haven’t delivered previously.

And, most importantly, how can your objectives and your customers objectives work together?

Trend data, competitor reviews, and different industry websites all can help inform what is working elsewhere. Giving yourself constructive criticism in comparison to other brands is a brave, but necessary, thing to do. 

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