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Looking at your People, Processes & Technology to drive marketing success

It is not enough to have a good marketing campaign, you need to look internally to harness great results

We believe that businesses should focus internally to ensure that they have the best set up for success. This goes from who is doing what, what your system is supposed to do and do you have the most effective processes in place to deliver highly effective marketing.

We are a firm believer in the PPT Framework, and our blog about People, Processes & Technology can give you a bit more context into the methodology

Our Marketing Operations product focuses on the following areas:

Often a difficult one to do internally, a skills gap analysis looks to identify the skills needed within the team as a whole, and matching with what the workforce currently offers.

This might result in a training plan, or the need for new or re-defined roles, in order to create a more effective marketing team.

This can be challenging to do, and many organisations feel more comfortable using an external resource to do something perceived as quite sensitive.

Building an effective marketing team structure is crucial for the success of your business. Regular review and adjustments to the team may be required to address the evolving needs of your organisation, moving priorities of tasks, channels or roles around to better serve the team as a whole.

We can help review platforms and identify the key steps that work across your entire customer journey – from knowing where product, marketing, sales and aftercare fit in the process journey to ensuring your teams know what stage they have responsibility for.

This is the process of analysing and evaluating s companies existing marketing technology tools and platforms – such as CRM, Email, data and add-ons (such as eCommerce shops and ticketing portals etc).

Assessment of these platforms include reviewing their performance, features, value for money and overall cost and compatibility to work with other tools in the technology stack.

We can help your business work towards the ultimate goal of a Single Customer View – a place where you can see everything about every single customer and build your sales and retention strategies around them.

A culture assessment can be carried out to support an organisations strategic vision and direction, and reviews the internal and external culture to see how it matches against them.

This is a crucial part of a marketing transformation project, to ensure that you have the right people and the right culture in place for teams to thrive.

People, Process & Technology


Marketing requirements within the business and the skills to keep up with the ever changing technology and algorithms need constantly monitoring and updating.

Finding people with the right experience, skills sets and attitude is a necessary step to implementing any kind of change – especially in marketing. 

Teams also need to understand how they can work together internally, knowing where each team fit together to provide and have a clear understanding on where each team fit from simply marketing, in order to maximise the customer lifecycle.

We can help you develop and build the skill sets within your teams and identify gaps where new or adapted roles can maximise your efforts.


Processes are the cornerstone of a great marketing team – however there is often a lack of desire or accountability when putting effective processes in place.

Processes can evolve as part of ever changing consumer needs and new technology being implemented. Don’t be afraid to have fresh eyes take an objective look – it can strengthen your teams performance and results.


Getting the right technology in place for your needs is one thing, ensuring it is configured in the best way possible and you get the best value for money is another.

Marketing technology should work together seamlessly, moving customers and data from one part of the process to another, empowering your teams to deliver great marketing and communication to every single person.


Do you recognise any of the following when looking at your business?

We find that marketing is still mostly a manual process, and the few systems that support marketing processes are disjointed, siloed and complex.

There is a lack of recognition of the different roles and skills required in a modern marketing team – ask yourself honestly how up to date with new skills your team is.  

An end to end, closed-loop automation of marketing and the single customer view is still a distant dream in many organisations 

Marketing teams need to log into multiple systems that have not been set up properly or talk to each other to accomplish basic tasks 

New platforms being put in place to help teams are not being embraced due to lack of digital skill, workload and buy in from senior leadership 

Duplication of systems and platforms mean additional costs to organisations, often with poor platform maintenance and governance 

Marketing technology doesn’t have a clear owner, and therefore sufficient support or budget is being regularly allocated in order to ensure the technology is up to date and performing in an optimal way.

If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions, then an evaluation of your marketing operations should be a key priority moving forward in order to drive effective marketing and profit.

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