What is Marketing Transformation?

Marketing Transformation is a strategic change within an organisation in their approach to marketing, redesigning their marketing operating model. The outcome is centred around putting customers at the core of the marketing operation to build a customer centric culture, increase loyalty and higher ROI.

Often, this involves restructuring the way marketing is perceived and implemented across the organisation, re-defining core marketing processes, building up marketing capabilities and skills, and often results in reviewing and re-platforming marketing software systems.   

Marketing transformation is not a quick fix to delivering ‘good marketing’ – it requires a shift in structure, systems, operating model, culture, processes, and roles to be successful.    

What problems are you facing and how can Marketing Transformation help?

Do any of these problems sound familiar? 

  • High marketing spend for low return  
  • Ineffective strategies in place  
  • Unable to identify the right audience or market for your products 
  • Not hitting targets 
  • Low retention of customers
  • Poorly performing marketing campaigns
  • Systems that don’t speak to each other 
  • Manual and not automated processes
  • Employees that aren’t digital first

How does Marketing Transformation and Context Marketing fit together?

It builds essential brand trust, which leads to loyalty and increased ROI: The definition of brand trust is the confidence that customers have in your brand’s ability to deliver on what it promises. As a brand consistently meets the expectations it has set in the minds of customers, trust in that brand grows. 

Brand trust is usually affected by the following: 

  • The quality of products and services provided  
  • Positive reviews the brand receives  
  • The quality of customer service
  • A brands delivery on its mission and vision
  • How a brand treats its employees
  • How secure customers’ data is
  • How transparent a brand is on their operations
  • A consistent customer experience 

Marketing Transformation aligns the customer facing platforms to have data flow between them, with digital marketing processes and activity aligning to be there at the right moment to offer context no matter what stage of the customers research or journey is at. 

How we can help

It can be a daunting task knowing where to start. We can help you start by evaluating where you are and working with you to understand where you want to get to. 

From evaluating how effective your marketing is, to getting buy in for a full marketing transformation program, our consultants have years of experience over a variety of industry from charity and education to finance and e-Commerce. 

We have experience of working with stakeholders across all levels of organisations, and are full qualified in Project Management, Change Management and Marketing Strategies. We also understand that we need to help break down projects into non-technical language so everyone can be taken along the journey with you. 

How much you want us to be involved is up to you, but we can help at every stage. 

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