Learning where your customers are finding you & what they experience when they do

Great marketing starts with knowing your strategy

Many businesses have strong direction when it comes to business growth. However, we often see that there is a mis-alignment when it comes to their marketing strategy and HOW they are going to actually achieve their growth ambitions.

Our Discover product is designed to help you look at where you are and where you want to go in terms of strategic alignment, how effective your marketing is, who your audience is and opportunities that exist.

We take an external look at what is happening right now from your customers perspective, learning about what they are experiencing when they are looking for you, and then what they experience when they find you.

We give you an unbiased analysis, supporting the positioning of your marketing aspirations with the experience you deliver to your customers.

We break down into 6 areas:

Bridging the gap between where senior leadership wants to take a business and how it is going to achieve that is core to developing a successful plan of action. We help you to map key milestones and timelines, and address any gaps or roadblocks that might hinder the deployment of a successful marketing strategy.

Realising the expectations of your marketing from top to bottom – business goals to customer needs – often requires stepping back from the day to day work to get everything out in the open, break down silos and share knowledge.

Using a range of techniques from understanding the motivations of the business, exploring current challenges, and creating actionable plans are all part of the Context Marketing Consultancy workshops.

Measuring marketing effectiveness is crucial to improving your go-to strategies over time and demonstrating the worth of your marketing activity. 

We dive into your channels, looking at engagement, performance and audience factors, and highlight where you can make your marketing delivery work harder for you.

Auditing your website can help determine whether it is performing both from a growth perspective and for customer experience.

Reviewing customer journeys, messaging and conversion points alongside traffic and conversion goals to identify pain points and opportunities.

A marketing strategy creates a blueprint against what your business goals are, who your customers are and how you are going to reach them. 

It creates clarity around your company’s value proposition and what makes you unique and how you can communicate with your audience to stand out from your competition.

We work alongside you to create a working document and your marketing vision.

A Marketing Mystery Shop is a new approach that goes beyond the traditional model. While traditional mystery shopping primarily focuses on evaluating service quality, employee performance, and adherence to procedures, ‘Marketing Mystery Shop’ delves into the intricacies of consumer behaviour, perception, UX and the overall customer journey. 

Why use an external consultant to do this?

Our discover package covers all channels – including all social media platforms, paid and organic search, GDN, OOH, offline etc. To do this internally would require a dedicated role, which is so often not available when resources are tight

It can be very difficult to see flaws in areas which need attention when it is yourself or your team have spent time (and money!) on.

Organisations, whether new or well established, will always make assumptions about what they customers want. Having an outsider take a look for you can confirm, or deny, that your assumptions are correct.

Audits like this force marketing teams to look at what they are going and be agile in their response – often when time and money has gone into campaigns, there can be a reluctance to change. We help identify areas of marketing that need to be improved or optimised in line with campaigns to stop further waste of time and money.

Using external consultants means you can bring in expertise that you don’t have in house. We take a hollistic big picture overview as if we were the Marketing Director in your organisation – not focussing on any one channel or output.

We do all of this from an external point of view – not looking at your systems or platforms in our Discovery service but purely from what your customers experience when interacting with your brand.

We like to think of it as doing a mystery shop on your brand.

Want to know more?

Get in touch below and we can have an informal chat to understand what your needs are, listen to the pain points and to understand your vision.

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Once you have discovered, go on to transform and retain your customers and your marketing

  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Marketing Structure Evaluation
  • Process Assessment & Opportunities
  • Marketing Technology Audits & Mapping
  • Culture Appraisal
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Data Model
  • Test & Learn Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation Best Practise
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