Retaining customer loyalty & engaging with them post sale

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Now you need to keep them


When you think of retaining your customers, you most often think about through email marketing. A large part of it is utilising great email campaigns, however you also need to retain your social media following, as well as brand trust and loyalty in general.

Working with us helps to unstitch the retention silos and put a cohesive plan in place across all touchpoints.

Your digital marketing plan needs to map out clear campaign deliverables across all marketing channels, across the whole customer journey and not just acquision.

Ww help organisations create an overall delivery plan, allocating resource to the right channels to reach the right audience with the right message.

Marketing data modelling organises your data to align marketing decisions, creating a structured representation of data to understand relationships, attributes and rules to monitor customer segments, customer patterns and performance trends. 

Creating a test and learn marketing strategy allows an organisation to experiment with a campaign, trying something that we think might work without risking the whole budget or customer experience.

The learnings from the data can be used to inform future campaigns. A test and Learn Strategy will map out all the experiments (and gut feels) that the business has, and maps them into logical campaigns that won’t disrupt a sales pipeline too heavily. 

Using the business and marketing strategy, and using the data from past campaign learnings, it is essential to plan out the types of content that you want to put out to your audience to engage and support their buying processes.

Creating content pillars is the cornerstone to this, and we can create detailed plans in order to help drive growth moving forward.

With systems and platforms in place, it can be easy to forget that once they are set up, that they have to continually evolve and be developed.

Understanding segmented data, automated workflows and customer behaviour can all be audited to give you the big picture of where opportunities are to stop losing customers and start engaging them in a meaningful way. 


Customer Retention Strategy

We can either help you using a retention strategy template, or write a strategy document for you – we can scale up or down depending on your needs.

Customer Retention Objectives

Working alongside you and your teams to demonstrate how important keeping your customers are, and creating retention targets with you that map into your business objectives

Customer Retention Tactics

Once we have created a plan together, now it’s time to put the HOW in place. This will involve understanding what communication goes out why, to who, and when. 

Platform Set Up

Setting up your platforms can be done independantly, or alongside your teams. Ensuring the platforms are working to make your teams lives easier, driving results and giving better value to your customers

Your RETAIN questions answered

Retaining your current customers increases word-of-mouth recommendations, brand trust and loyalty. Your existing customers are more likely to spend 30% more on a new product, service or offering than a first-time customer – you’ve already attracted them, it is more cost effect now to keep them.

We want you to retain customers across all of your marketing touchpoint, and not look at channels in silos. This takes time, effort and patience – things that we can help you and your team with.

A Customer Retention Strategy involves:

  1. Understanding your core objectives and matching them to what your customers objectives are
  2. Putting a long term plan in place to communication with your customers
  3. Knowing which channels need what communication
  4. Understanding the HOW – what needs to actually happen to put this in place

This all takes you up to the point of putting it in place – often a Customer Retention Strategy will also need to look internally at the WHO – who is going to do the work and then who is going to evaluate your results.

Of course! We would always recommend reviewing your marketing effectiveness, campaigns and technology, but if you just need us to help you with writing a retention strategy, then we are more than happy to help.

We want your customers to feel valued once they have made the decision to interact with you, and will help you explore the ways in which you can do this with existing and new customers.

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